Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation

As Medousa Clinique, we have been providing services in hair transplantation treatment since 2013. We offer you the latest methods and technologies in the field of hair transplant. Quality and trust have always been at the forefront of our clinic. Our communication with our patients is always positive. You can also choose us for hair transplantation treatment.

Medousa Clinique Hair Transplantation

When you look at hair transplantation in Turkey options, you will encounter Medousa Clinique. Our clinic is one of the most successful clinics in Turkey in hair transplantation treatment. We always offer quality health services in our clinic, which has a staff of specialist physicians.

At Medousa Clinique, we also care about your comfort during treatment. We offer our patients who come to Turkey from abroad to have an enjoyable treatment process. While being treated in our clinic in Istanbul, you will also have the opportunity to visit this historic city. We provide you with fun activities and enjoyable travel plans during your hair transplant treatment.

What Is Hair Transplantation?

The hair transplantation process is one of the most successful measures you should take against hair loss. This method, prevalent in today’s health technology, permanently reduces hair loss. The success rate of this treatment, which is applied due to using the hair follicles on the nape as a donor, is relatively high.

Hair transplant procedure, which we do in a 100% sterile environment, is a treatment method that does not take long. We, as Medousa Clinique, offer successful hair transplant treatment. The hair transplant specialists in our clinic are famous names that have proven themselves in this field. Our specialist physicians apply treatment methods with a high success rate to completely prevent hair loss.

Hair Transplantation Options

There are two different treatment methods we apply in hair transplantation treatment. You can choose the most suitable treatment for your situation among the treatment types, each of which is state-of-the-art. You can always benefit from the quality treatment services we provide in our clinic. Our specialist physicians and hospitable staff always offer you a reliable treatment service.

FUE Hair Transplantation Method

FUE hair transplantation treatment is the abbreviation of the “Follicular Unite Transplantation” method. The FUE method is one of the most popular methods of hair transplant treatment. FUE is ideal, especially for hair transplantation in a large area. We transplant the hair follicles (grafts) taken from the donor area to the place where we apply local anesthesia. In this method, we also minimize the rate of suffering by using local anesthesia. Our patients who preferred the FUE method stated that they did not feel any pain during the treatment process.

In the FUE method, we do not apply any surgical intervention to the area to be transplanted. With this application, which we do without incisions and wounds, we significantly reduce the rate of pain. We place the donor hair follicles in the area with hair loss by opening channels. Thanks to the FUE method, we can transplant hair to a large extent in a short time. You can also choose this treatment method, which is very successful.

DHI Hair Transplantation Method

DHI hair transplantation treatment is one of the hair transplant treatments we do without applying the grooving method. The DHI method is one of the most technological applications in hair transplant surgery. The success rate of this treatment, which we use with a special apparatus called The Choi Pen, is also very high.

There is no need to open canals in the area to be transplanted in the DHI method. This method, in turn, affects the rapid outcome of the treatment. It is impossible for you to feel any pain in this application using Cholimplanter. Choi is an apparatus that acts as a canal and takes the hair follicles one by one. In this way, our specialist doctors start the hair transplant process using the apparatus.

Hair Growth Process

We want to honestly share the hair transplantation before and after process with you. Hair transplant treatment is not a method that gives immediate results. However, the success rate of this treatment for hair loss and male pattern baldness is relatively high. After the hair restoration surgery, you should continue to take the solutions and medications given by your doctor. At first, it is essential to protect the transplanted area from the sun and its impacts. After an average of 6 months – 1 year, you can have wholly problem-free and natural hair.

Although hair transplantation is a type of surgical hair restoration, it is not a plastic surgery. This treatment, known as pattern hair loss treatment, is applied by plastic surgeons who are experts in their field. The transplanted hair is taken to the donor site and expected to grow in this area.