Hair Transplant



What is Hair Transplant?

DHI HAIR TRANSPLANT ISTANBUL COST DHI Hair Transplant Istanbul Cost Hair transplant operation is a treatment offered as a permanent solution. Hair transplantation procedures are a treatment developed for people with hair loss problems. It is the most popular hair treatment method of recent times. There are many hair transplant treatment methods develope for patients. You have to research to find out which method is best. DHI hair transplant has become the most popular hair transplant treatment method in recent times. The reason for this is the satisfaction of most patients who have had DHI hair transplantation after the procedure. Most patients were satisfy after having DHI hair transplantation. After the DHI hair transplant procedure, the patient will have healthy growing hair. In this article, we will examine the dhi hair transplant Istanbul cost. You can see where are the best hair transplant clinics and what are their prices in the rest of the article.

Dhi Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplantation is the most preferred method of hair transplantation in recent times. The patient does not experience hair loss after the DHI hair transplant operation. In DHI hair transplantation, the grafts taken from the patient are injected back into the patient.

Active hair follicles are taken from the patient’s neck or behind the ear.  In some patients, the donor area may also be the chest area. This varies from person to person before having a hair transplant procedure. Your doctor will make the best decision on where the donor area is.

The hair follicles, ie grafts, place in the non-hair areas of the patient. The DHI hair transplant process consists of 2 main stages. Canal opening and graft placement in the patient’s head see as a single procedure.

Dhi hair transplant operation is a painless operation. For this reason, it is a preferred method of hair transplantation. The patient can easily adapt to his normal life after the DHI hair transplant. After the DHI hair transplant operation, one can easily return to normal life.

DHI Hair Transplant Prices

The price-determining factor of DHI hair transplantation is grafts. The grafts take vary from person to person. Therefore, the price is determine according to the number of grafts. The determined prices vary from person to person. For example, the number of grafts take from one person and the number of grafts take from another person may be different. This is a decision made by the doctor.

While hair transplantation procedures are cheaper in some countries, this situation differs in some countries. For example, Turkey has become a country of medical tourism in hair transplantation. The reason for this is the work of many successful surgeons in clinics in Turkey. Especially, Istanbul has been a successful city in terms of hair transplantation centers. The DHI hair transplant operation in Istanbul is cheaper compare to other countries. This is because the cost in the country is cheap. Besides, the currency is lower compare to other countries, so transactions made are cheaper.

Especially dhi hair transplant Istanbul cost is very cheap. Many people from Europe can have a hair transplant operation, including accommodation in Istanbul, at very cheap prices.

Which Doctor is The Best For DHI Hair Transplantation?

Before you have a hair transplant, you can find out which doctor is more suitable for you in your research. Especially in the researches and comments made, it see that the surgeons in Istanbul are very successful in this business. There is more than one hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. For this reason, the options you have will increase. It will be easier to find a successful surgeon among multiple options. You can easily compare its advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, it is very important to research before the hair transplant procedure.

Whether you are doing clinical or surgeon research, there should be some important rules to consider. Some patients worry about the budget. The cost of a hair transplant operation does not the same amount to every clinic. The hair transplant operation you will have is carry out at the prices determine by the doctors. It is normal for these prices to vary from person to person. You can see which surgeon achieved more successful results by doing good surgeon research and reading the comments.

Procedures to Be Consider After Dhi Hair Transplant

First of all, the patient does not feel pain after DHI hair transplantation. It is not an operation that requires an incision. After the DHI hair transplant, the patient can easily return to normal life. There are rules that the patient should pay attention to after DHI hair transplantation. The first of these rules is the hair washing process. The shampoo to use during the hair washing process after DHI hair transplantation is important. Special lotions or shampoos recommend by the doctor should use. Any chemical product to use can damage the hair. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to consult with your doctor to learn about hair washing procedures.

Choosing a pillow is also an important detail in terms of not harming the donors. The pillow to use should not be hard. The use of a hard pillow can harm donors. For this reason, neck pillows or soft pillows should be preferred.

Sun rays should also avoid after hair transplantation. Your doctor may recommend a hat after the hair transplant operation. As a result this hat will protect donors from sun rays.


It is a treatment that can be easily done by anyone who is faced with hair loss or baldness problems. Before having a hair transplant, you should research successful doctors. It is a procedure perform by specialist doctors in a sterile environment. In terms of dhi hair transplant Istanbul cost, different price applications vary from person to person. The number of grafts to apply determines the pricing. Dhi hair transplantation is among the most popular hair transplants recently. Dhi hair transplant procedures  perform by many clinics in Istanbul. You can contact many clinics to find out the cost of dhi hair transplant. You can determine the price that suits you. Having more than one option is an advantage for the patient.

As a result dhi hair transplantation is a process that preserves its permanence for a lifetime. For this reason, most of the patients are satisfy after dhi hair transplantation.