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Hair Loss In Covid

Hair Loss In Covid In this article we will talk about hair loss in covid. Nutritional deficiencies, surgery, febrile illness, psychological stress, hormonal imbalance, rapid weight loss, and some medications cause hair loss. Our experts warn you about this. Hair loss in covid is very important in this regard. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who applied to our clinics with hair loss complaints. We think that Covid-19 has an effect on the increase in this number. There is also an exacerbation of stress-related male pattern hair loss. Many people could not go out of their homes for a long time, some experienced economic difficulties.

These reasons caused hair loss. Hair loss in covid started to increase a lot. Hair loss is more common in elderly people. We encounter hair loss in young people. During this process, there were a lot of stressors that could cause hair loss. Since folic acid is high in green leafy plants, you should consume them raw as much as possible. Folic acid is also present in fish. So you actually need to eat a balanced diet. In cases where vitamin and mineral deficiencies are considered, a blood analysis should be made. In this way, you can reduce the effects of Hair loss in covid. For this reason, we recommend hair transplantation.

What Is A Hair Transplant?

Many people want to have a hair transplant due to hair loss in covid. Hair loss occurs due to the male hormone and due to the conditions that develop over time or in the direction of genetic factors. It is one of the problems we frequently see in women. Some examinations are performed in the hair transplant treatment. As a result of the examinations, it is determined whether the patient’s body is suitable for hair transplantation.

The number of hair transplantation with local anesthesia is increasing day by day. We call hair transplant treatment to transfer the roots taken from the human body to the head area. Our operations take 3 to 5 hours. After these operations, you can continue your daily life where you left off. And we would like to state that you will get a very natural look.

However, in our research, we can say that the risk of hair loss decreases after the age of 40. Together with genetic factors, we also show that stress is among the most important causes of this problem. After your problem is identified, we start the process in a short time with our correct application treatment. We recommend hair transplantation due to Hair loss in covid.

The Hair Transplantation Techniques After Covid

Hair loss in covid has gained importance due to hair transplantationn. Hair transplant techniques are very important. It is very important in terms of achieving success in our operations. Because a quality hair transplant application is the most important. Sometimes very high or very low hair transplant prices may mislead you. Our prices are not low in our clinics that are above certain standards and provide quality service. Because we use quality and personalized materials. We also use the latest tools for you. And most importantly, we employ a team of experts in hair transplantation and we promise quality service. Let’s talk about hair transplant techniques. We have listed the techniques for you due to hair loss in covid. Hair transplant techniques can be listed as FUT Technique, FUE Technique, DHI Technique.

FUT Technique

It is a technique that we do not use and do not recommend old hair transplantation techniques. In this technique, first of all, your hairy part is removed in large incisions. Then, we transplant the hair follicles collected from the skin through the small cuts we open with the help of a razor blade to the bald area. It is difficult to heal and we don’t use it much anymore.

FUE Technique

In fact, it is our most used hair transplant method. In this method, we take a different approach than the FUT technique. We take the hair follicles one by one and offer a natural hair transplant. It is a technique we use a lot and developed by our own experts. Thanks to this method, the tissue is less damaged and the recovery time is shortened compared to the FUT technique. We have talked about the FUE technique for you.

DHI Technique

We can say that this technique is our most advanced hair transplant technique. if we say Thanks to this technique. İt is possible to complete the procedure without opening a channel to the skin and with the least incision. Thus, we shorten the hair transplant time and the scars of the wounds on the person become less visible. In this technique, we complete the process with less damage thanks to the gold that does not damage the tissue.

Causes of hair loss in covid

Hair loss in covid is a situation we encounter these days. Covid disease directly affects hair loss. We did a research for you. As a result of this research, it is possible to get rid of the effects of hair loss in covid. The biggest causes of hair loss are stress and genetic structures. In this case, some diseases such as covid can also cause hair loss. If you have such problems, this article is for you. We are waiting for you to our clinic for hair transplantation. We have been very successful in hair transplantation for many years. However, we offer you the best hair transplant experience with our expert teams and state-of-the-art equipment.

In this way, we protect you from Hair loss in covid effects. Hair loss can be seen after the disease in those who have had Covid disease. All kinds of stress, infection, trauma, inflammatory diseases that the body is exposed to can cause hair loss. We evaluated the effects of hair loss in covid for you. Covid disease can threaten your hair. We can overcome this problem for you with the highest quality techniques and latest technology tools we apply in our clinics. Hair transplantation requires careful treatment. We show this care for you.