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Medousa Clinique is a Health Tourism company established in Istanbul in 2013 and serving worldwide. It is a brand that has made as mission to host its guests in the best way with its service quality of European standards and has professional staff of 75 people. The world-renowned hair transplant center Medousa Clinique has performed more than 13.000 procedures in 8 years and continues to serve in 6 different languages.

Medousa Clinique offers 5-star accommodation and VIP transfer service to its guests who come for hair transplantation. Together with specialist doctors and professional staff, it carries out the treatment at the Medousa Clinique hospital, located in Istanbul. Medousa Clinique . with its innovative approach, offers the most comfortable service to its guests.

Medousa Clinique team is actively working in the field of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). The brand, which is world-renowned for FUE hair transplantation, broke new ground in August 2019 and successfully completed the hair transplantation procedure of 6500 grafts in one sitting. As a result of this procedure, it has proven to the whole world that it is possible to perform high-numbered hair transplants in a single session without leaving any scars on the donor area.