Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy Main target of the hair mesotherapy is preventing the hair loss for men and women which is a treatment way of increases the length of hair and density.

Hair Mesotherapy is preventing the hair loss for men and women which is a treatment way of increases the length of hair and density. Also the proteins, vitamins and the other nutritions can be fixed by hair mesotherapy. It can be apply as liquid through injections which contains nutritional elements. By that way, the metabolism of the cells and blood circulation can be faster so that the infections disappear. It activates the hair follicles which helps you to get longer, stronger, thicker and healthier hair. In the process of mesotherapy there are small size of injections which go through the scalp about 2- 3mm and injects vitamins, minerals, antioxidans and other components that strengthen the tissue. Generally, it can be done after 6 months of the hair transplant operation. It will feed and strengthen the new hair and prevent the future hair loss. There is no side effect or allergic reaction of this treatment.

EYEBROW TRANSPLANT These techniques result in fast and irremediable shedding of the eyebrows. Besides, psychological factors, medications and treatments received for health problems and genetic factors leading to loss of eyebrows have made eyebrow transplantation a permanent demand by those who want to thicken and change the shape of their eyebrows.

It became an operation applied to both men and women, but demanded heavily by women.

With FUE technique eyebrow transplantation is performed under local anesthesia within 2-3 hours.

A small area that can provide as many hair follicles as needed is cut short on the donor area, the back of the head between two ears, and micro-grafts are extracted by using a micro motor.

Since we need single-hair micro grafts for eyebrow transplantation, extracted follicular units are divided up into 1-hair grafts.

Depending on the space between the eyebrows, 200 to 600 hair grafts would be enough. The post-transplantation process is the same as that of the hair transplant.

The implanted hair sheds for a month. After 3 months following the operation, when the eyebrows start to grow, applying massage with your fingertips along the growth direction of the eyebrows will be effective on shaping the direction. The process is completed in 6-8 months.

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