Hair Transplant

Beard transplant

Beard transplant is a new and innovative way in the field of field of Medical. Beard transplant is a technique in which hair are transplanted in jaw and chin to form a beard. This technique is widely used for men who don’t have beard or due to some cause there is declining rate of hair growth in beard.

Beard transplant after one weak

Beard transplant after one weak looks very natural and good people can not realize that a person recently went through some kind of procedure. Just slight scars are visible in this period.

Beard transplant cost

Beard transplant cost usually is an in inexpensive procedure and normally cost around 600 euros to 800euros. It is a very affordable and cheap treatment.

Beard to hair transplant

Beard to hair transplant is a very common procedure people who don’t have enough donor area then the hair are taken from the beard and are grafted on to the head. Those hair are very close to the head hair in terms of looks and people can not differentiate that those are not the part of head.

Beard transplant is a very good and modern technique to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a person. It makes a person looks young and fresh. Also there are other benefits of it. It increase the self confidence of a person and if someone has some sort of chin or jaw deformity  it hides it. Beard also gives very masculine look to men.