Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey  procedure is new and growing in the modern world. Many people suffer from baldness or alopecia.

Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey In past there were not much options to grow or restore hair but now in the twenty first century the medical science has evolved a lot and there are procedures and techniques available that astonish us. In past people used to depend on tonics,oils or medicines in attempt to grow hair whether on head or beard. Not only men but also women suffer from this proble and for both of them this conditioin can be a cause of low self esteem,no self confidence and in some cases cause of emberrasment too. There are many of the techniques that are used to restore even hairtransplant is of many kind. The techniques used in this can be follicular unit extraction or DHI. When we compare the best techniques in different places of world we find that best dhi hair transplant in turkey is available and people from all over the world come here to get this done. Hair Transplant Turkey

Best hair transplant surgeons in turkey

Best hair transplant surgeons in turkey Here in this blog I will tell you about my personal experience that I had and how medousa Clinique in Istanbul ,Turkey changed my life. I suffered from partial baldness and a very major chunk of my hair was gone. For 1 year I suffered a lot . Then I decided too change it and searched for best hair transplant surgeons in turkey and my search led me to medouda Clinique. To my surprise they offered me an amazing service with very affordable price immediately I decided to choose them for my hair transplant procedure. Medousa Clinique even offered me to have a conversation with their other patients too. This made me believe them even more. When I reached the airport a luxury car was waiting for me with a driver and a translator. They picked me up and shifted me to my 5 star hotel. This whole experience was amazing I was overwhelmed with this. Then again the car was sent to pick me up from hotel to hospital when I reached the clinic the whole medical team guided me to the best of their ability . The surgery  consisted of 3 hours total I was given local anesthesia hair were taken from my donor area and were grafted into my crown area of head. I did not feel any pain during the whole procedure there were about 3 doctors and 4 paramedical staff team in total and all of them treated me very professionally. After that I was under observation for one day the very next day doctors administrated some anti inflammatory drugs and painkillers to minimize the uneasiness . On the last day I was given a head wash in supervision of the professional team. After this all I was allowed to go home.when I reached home doctors and the team stayed in contact with me and wanted to know about my prognosis in a period of 3 months my hair grew and I felt that the confidence that was shattered Is now back. Now I could go anywhere without feeling emberrased . This procedure brought a massive change in my life and I will be always thankful to the team of medousa Clinique who made this possible for me too feel myself again.

Hair transplant Istanbul

hair transplant Istanbul is now very common and patients from the whole world come there to get treated. On streets of Istanbul the scenes of seeing someone with a cast on nose or bandages on head is very common. Those international patients had their treament done and were also enjoying the tour of this lovely city. This whole idea is very popular and is known as health tourism. According to a