Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in turkey is a very vat and growing trend because Self confidence and success in our daily life are mostly due to aesthetic appeal, health and energy. This gives a more powerful presence in the workplace and a youthful,healthy appearance in personal life appear more desireable. The volume of your hair will be maintained.gaining more self esteem can be as simple as expressing more beauty and energy.

Hair transplant in turkey

Hair transplant for men  is generally more common and famous. As men are more prone to baldness so they prefer to get a hairtransplant service.

Hair transplant in Istanbul

Hairtransplant in Istanbul is gaining popularity day by day. Because of the best quality in very affordable rate. New and advanced techniques of hairtransplant are used in our medousa clinique. Method of hair transplant is as follows: the hair are taken from the donor area and are implanted to the area where there are no hair. After a period of time the hair grow and give very natural look.

Best hair transplant in turkey

Best hair transplant in turkey is offered by us in medousa Clinique also we offer a number of other aesthetic hair transplant procedures.We have a very satisfied clientage across the world specially in United Kingdom and Europe.

  • The process of hair transplant:
  • Our procedure of hair transplant is as follows :
  • On the day one team of doctors examine the patient .
  • And after examination the hairtransplant surgery is done.
  • On the second day the medication is administered and patient does rest.
  • On the day 3 the first head wash is given to patient .
  • From the day 3 patient can easily go to the work and do activities of normal life.
  • Normally the hair transplant for head cost 1000 euro to 2000 euro .
  • Hair transplant for beard normally cost from 800 euro to 1200 euro.