Aesthetic Surgery

Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is one of the procedures that fall under plastic surgery. Those who want a more fit body can achieve their goals with this method. Tummy tuck surgery is a treatment for people who are not fit after diets. Of course, this method should not be seen as a weight-loss method. This procedure is one of the body shaping methods applied to eliminate sagging in the abdominal region.

What Is Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck definition is a plastic surgery procedure that removes sagging in the abdomen. This procedure, which is one of the body’s aesthetic methods, eliminates the sagging and lubrication of the abdomen, which is seen despite diets. This method, which has a high success rate, is applied to adults who want to have a flatter stomach.

Tummy tuck means stretching the excess skin tissue in the abdomen and making it firmer. This procedure, which is frequently used today, is the work of experts in the field of plastic surgeons. This method, applied in private clinics, is a kind of surgery. Therefore, it is essential to perform medical tests on the patient before the operation.

With tummy tuck treatment, it is possible to achieve a more fit and shaped body. This procedure is also recommended for sagging or cracks in the abdomen. This procedure should be applied mainly for sagging and cracks after rapid weight gain and loss.

How to Apply Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck makes the patient’s abdomen firmer and shaped. For this, it is aimed to prepare the patient for the operation by performing some examinations. In this procedure, which expert plastic surgeons perform, the patient’s medical history should be learned first. It is also essential to perform a series of medical tests on the patient.

Specialist physicians examine the patient for a long time before the operation. If the patient’s general health condition is suitable for surgery, then the procedure is started. In the tummy tuck procedure, an incision of 7-10 cm is made in the patient’s abdomen. Excess tissue and fat cells are removed from the part where this incision is made.

It is impossible for the patient to feel pain and pain in this surgery, which we perform by applying general anesthesia. However, it was observed that the patient felt pain or pain from time to time during the healing process. For this, your doctor will recommend you painkillers.

Tummy Tuck with Medousa Clinique

The tummy tuck is an operation that must be performed in a sterile environment and by specialist surgeons. It is also essential that this treatment is done with care. There is no going back in such aesthetic operations. It is always necessary to apply to clinics that are experts in their field.

At Medousa Clinique, we serve our patients with a high success rate. Moreover, we prepare pleasant travel plans for you to have an excellent time before the treatment. In this way, you both visit the historic city of Istanbul and try to keep morale up for your treatment. You can visit our clinic, which is among the tummy tuck in Turkey options, whenever you want.

Who Is Tummy Tuck Applied To?

The tummy tuck is one of the aesthetic interventions recommended for healthy adults. Before the surgery, we already do all the necessary medical tests for our patients in our clinic. If your health is suitable, we will start to prepare you for surgery.

People who complain of fat in the abdomen or sagging skin can benefit from this treatment. This method is also preferred to prevent cracks.

Who Is Tummy Tuck Not Suitable For?

The tummy tuck is a procedure that we do not recommend to people with chronic illnesses. It will be risky to take this treatment, especially for diabetes, blood pressure, or heart diseases. People who do not need to be anesthetized cannot benefit from the surgery we perform by applying general anesthesia.

Likewise, we do not recommend this procedure to people under 18. We expect the person to have completed their physical and mental development in such aesthetic operations. In addition, we do not apply this treatment to people who are considering getting pregnant. You can benefit from this procedure sometime after birth if you wish.

People who are addicted to cigarettes cannot also benefit from the procedure. If you quit smoking, you can also benefit from the process.

Things to Know About Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck scar is one of the essential features of this procedure. Unfortunately, a minor surgical scar remains in the lower part of the abdomen. But this trace is vague and not very disturbing. However, our patients should be aware of this issue.

It is essential to pay attention to some issues after the operation. For example, try not to strain the abdominal muscles. It is also recommended not to do sports after the surgery. Likewise, it would be best to be careful not to carry heavy loads. It would be best to use a protective corset for a while after the surgery. Your doctor will also give you the necessary information on this subject.

There may be edema and swelling in the operated area after the procedure. Pain and ache may also occur. For this, your doctor will give you the necessary medicines. Surgeries such as tummy tucks must be performed in reliable and quality clinics. It is recommended not to rely too much on clinics that offer affordable price guarantees.

The tummy tuck is one of the most preferred plastic surgeries. This procedure is also known as abdominoplasty.