Aesthetic Surgery


Labiaplasty is one of the most preferred plastic surgery types in recent years. Beauty is a need not only physically but also spiritually. Some physical defects affect all life. In particular, genital problems restrict sexual and social life.

The inner lips growing in the genital area are included in these problems. When women with this problem wear a bikini, an unpleasant image emerges. Tight clothes also make them uncomfortable. Therefore, instead of dressing as they want, they have to hide their flaws with loose clothes.

But today, every problem has a solution. It is possible to achieve very satisfactory results with labiaplasty application.

What is Labiaplasty?

Increasingly elongated and enlarged inner lips are encountered in female genital organs. This condition is called labia minora hypertrophy. With labiaplasty, they gain an aesthetic appearance. In short, it is an inner lip reduction operation.

Reconstructive surgery techniques are used in areas that have lost the shape and function of the body. It is among the reconstructive surgery operations because there is deformation in the inner lips called labium.

After this application, This physical recovery eliminates psychological, sexual, and social negativities. Both you and your partner will have a more satisfied sexual life. Your self-confidence comes back.

Who is Labiaplasty Suitable For?

If you aren’t satisfied with the appearance of the inner labia, you can benefit from this application. However, it is necessary to complete the age of 18 for the operation. Because the inner lips, which we call labia minora, continue to develop from puberty. But you should decide together with a specialist doctor about how important the problem is and whether an operation is required.

Labiaplasty with Medousa Clinique

The demand for genital plastic surgeries is increasing day by day. The most common operation among them is labiaplasty. It is performed under general or local anesthesia by our specialists at Medousa Clinique. Undesirable and larger than normal vaginal lips are shortened and reshaped.

Since it is a surgical procedure, you should decide together with the specialists that it is suitable for you. If you need healthy solutions with trust and experience, you are welcome to our clinic.

When Is Labiaplasty Necessary?

Labiaplasty requires when the asymmetry between the labia minora disturbs the patient aesthetically. As a result of the enlargement of the labia, the patient may experience itching and infection. If it turns into a physically obvious problem, it affects the patients’ choice of clothing.

As it can be understood from here, labiaplasty is necessary for terms of physical and psychological health as well as aesthetic concerns.

Is There A Scar After Labiaplasty?

After this procedure, the patient doesn’t have any scars. However, the patient needs to take proper care to avoid scarring. Care must be taken to ensure that the surgical area is dry and clean. Ice application for at least three days after surgery reduces edema and prevents scarring. The wound heals within a week. But it takes a few months for no stitches scar to remain.

What Should You Do Before Labiaplasty?

If you have a chronic disease, you should inform your doctor before labiaplasty. Because heart disease, diabetes, or various blood diseases are important. Not telling about serious diseases like these is dangerous for your health.

Apart from that, you must comply with the conditions of the type of anesthesia you prefer. Your doctor will inform you whether you should come hungry or full. You should be careful to come to your appointment on time by taking your shower.

What Should You Consider After Labiaplasty?

The most important thing after the procedure is to keep the surgical area dry and clean. You should apply ice every hour for three days. It is necessary to comply with the prohibitions for at least one month.

Sexual intercourse is prohibited for at least one month. At the same time, you should refrain from doing sports until the ban ends. Swimming isn’t recommended during this period. You can take a shower standing, not sitting. Our specialist doctors will give the most accurate information about the details.