What Is Under-Eye Filler?

Under-eye hollows are characterized by dark circles, deep indentions and a tired appearance around the under-eye area. Doctors call this skin abnormality a tear trough. Because the skin around your eyes is thinner and paler and lacking proper fat restores, your eyes appear more tired and aged.

How do I get rid of tired eyes?

“Under-eye fillers are a very common solution,” said Dr. Michele Farber of Schweiger Dermatology Group. “Anyone with dark circles, hollowing or a chronically tired look will benefit from careful plumping with under-eye fillers.”

What are under-eye fillers?

Under-eye fillers are injectable treatments of hyaluronic acid, stimulating the appearance of thicker fat pads under the skin. The most common brand names are Restylane and Juvederm. The procedure can last about 30 minutes and cost anywhere from $800–$1,000 per syringe and last up to nine months.

“People typically need one syringe under the eyes, but depending on anatomy and the degree of hollowing, people may need two syringes,” said Dr. Farber.

Why get under-eye fillers?

“Fillers work as a way to replace lost volume to make areas of the face, including the under eyes, look more youthful and help get rid of those dark circles,” said Dr. Farber. “They are helpful for anyone with darker circles or loss of fat in the tear troughs/under-eye area to help produce a more naturally rested appearance.”

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