Aesthetic Surgery


Mastopexy is also known as a breast lift. Breast lift surgery is a surgical operation that is performed by plastic surgeons or cosmetic surgeons. The breast lift procedure is mostly performed on people who are not happy with the shapes and position of their breasts.

Mastopexy at Medousa Clinique

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What Is Mastopexy?

Mastopexy can be basically defined as the cosmetic operation which is performed to lift breasts or change their shapes. To be able to reshape the breasts, plastic surgeons or cosmetic surgeons who perform the surgery must remove surplus skin. Plastic surgeons can also replace the nipples if they point downward.

Who Can Have Mastopexy Operation?

There are many reasons for patients to want to have mastopexy. This operation can be needed by people whose breasts look saggy or not firm. Sometimes the patients feel insecure, unhappy, or even depressed because of the look of their breasts. That is when they can consider having a breast lifting operation.

The changes in breasts may cause the look of sagginess. The causes can be the results of many things, such as weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or basically aging. Women who want to reshape their breasts can take mastopexyinto consideration.

However, not everyone is appropriate for having a mastopexy operation. If the patient wants to get pregnant in the near or far future, it is not recommended for her to have a breast lifting operation. Since the breasts get bigger during pregnancy, it can cause the breasts to stretch.

It should be known that to have a mastopexy operation, a woman does not have to have large breasts. The small size of breasts can be saggy as well. Also, the breast lifting procedure does not contain inferior pedicle breast reduction. However, both procedures can be performed at once. Simultaneous breast augmentation, breast reduction surgery, and breast mastopexy can be performed.

Weight loss can be another reason for having augmentation mastopexy which is aesthetic plastic surgery. After losing a lot of weight, breast tissue may go soft and saggy. That is why during the operation inframammary fold is performed and extra breast skin is removed. Breast ptosis can also be an option in those cases.

What Are the Risks of Mastopexy?

As with all the operations, mastopexy also has some risks that are needed to be taken into consideration. Those risks can be as followed:

  • The nipple or breast sensation might be changed.
  • The breasts might be asymmetrical or irregular to each other when shape and size are considered.
  • Scars might be permanent.
  • The patient might face difficulties while breastfeeding because of the areola complex.
  • The patient might lose a partial or total loss of her nipples.

How is Mastopexy Surgery Performed?

There are 3 main stages of mastopexy surgery. They are before surgery, during surgery, and after the surgery. Each step needs to be neat, well-thought, and well-performed.

a)     Before Mastopexy Surgery

The preparation process of mastopexy surgery can be the most important part of the procedure. In this part here is a list of what needs to be done.

  • The patient needs to decide she wants a breast lifting operation in spite of the risks.
  • The patient needs to decide where she is going to have the surgery and who is going to perform the surgery.
  • After she meets her plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon, she needs to answer some questions about her medical history.
  • Before mastopexy surgery, it is also needed to have a physical exam.
  • The patient and the doctor need to discuss what to expect, what risks they may face, and what results they can have after the breast lifting surgery.

Also, it is better for patients who are going to have mastopexy surgery to avoid smoking, alcohol, or certain medications. The patient had better have a healthy diet. And she also must be aware that she needs a company to take after her while she is recovering from the surgery.

b)    During Mastopexy Surgery

The patient should check into the hospital or the outpatient surgical facility where she is going to have mastopexysurgery. Right before the surgery, she has given anesthesia which makes her feel numb or be her unconscious.

The procedure of mastopexy usually takes two or three hours. After the patient wakes up and there are no problems to be found, she can be discharged to go home. The patient should have someone to company her during her recovery period.

c)     After Mastopexy Surgery

After the procedure of mastopexy, the patient can see the difference immediately. However, the patient might have small tubes hanging from the incision sites to drain extra fluids. And it is recommended for patients to wear support bras to help with the pain.