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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a cosmetic or plastic surgery that is performed to reduce the size of breasts. This procedure is also known as reduction mammaplasty or reduction mammaplasty. The three main reasons for this surgery are psychological, physical, and aesthetic. When women have this surgery, they can feel better about their self-image and they can regain control of their lives.

Breast Reduction at Medousa Clinique

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What Is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is basically the operation of removing breast fat, extra skin, and glandular tissue. Breast mammaplasty or reduction mammaplasty is mostly performed for women whose breasts are larger according to their body proportion. The discomfort of having large breasts is called macromastia. Women who feel uncomfortable about their breasts may consider having their breasts size decreased by surgery.

Having larger breasts than wanted can be stressful for a woman. She can find it hard to deal with her breasts physically and emotionally. The weight of large breasts can not be undermined. It causes a lot of pain for the patient. And it causes the patients to face problems while doing regular activities like vacuuming the floor, taking care of a child, or even walking. That is why women with macromastia want to have a breast reduction.

A woman does not have to suffer from macromastia to have a breast reduction. She can simply feel uncomfortable with the size of her breasts. The reason for her being uncomfortable with her breasts size might be because of social pressure, wardrobe problems, or something else.

Who Can Have a Breast Reduction?

Candidates for breast reduction are usually women who do not feel comfortable with their breast sizes. Besides experiencing physical discomfort and even pain, women with large breasts can suffer from phycological problems. To release those emotional and physical pain (especially neck pain), women can prefer to have a breast mammaplasty.

The women who considering breast reduction surgery must be physically healthy. They must be non-smokers or should stop smoking at least for a month before and after the surgery.

What is the Procedure for Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction guide has three main steps. They are before the surgery, during the surgery, and after the surgery steps. Each and every one of the steps is essential for the procedure.

a)     Before Breast Reduction Surgery

The most important step of having breast reduction is the consulting appointment. In that appointment, the patient will be asked a bunch of questions, and the patient will have a chance to ask what is in her mind. That is why it is recommended to think about all the things you want to know before the appointment.

Plastic surgeons or cosmetic surgeons must perform breast reduction surgery. The plastic surgeon might ask about the patient’s motivation, expectations, and fears in the first consultation. The doctor also wants to know if the patient has any ongoing medical treatments, drug allergies, or chronic diseases. In addition to all these, the doctor may ask if the patient has had any surgeries before and her medical history.

When the patient decides to have breast reduction surgery, the doctor asks for some tests to make sure that the patient can be taken to surgery. The patient has to undergo a detailed examination. The doctor must measure the size of her breasts and checks the shape and skin quality.

The last step of breast reduction surgery that needs to be taken before the operation is to take photographs of the patient’s breast. The pictures will be placed into the patient’s medical record. And then, the pictures will be compared with the results.

Are There Any Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery?

As any surgery has, breast reduction surgery has its own risks. That is the reason why a woman should decide if she wants to have the surgery or not carefully. One can ask about the possible risk factors to her plastic or cosmetic surgeon. The common risks are mentioned below.

  • Uneven shapes of breasts
  • Showing an allergic reaction
  • Infection
  • Unwanted scarring

Where Can Breast Reduction Surgery Be Done?

Breast reduction surgery can be done in a hospital or a surgical facility. The surgery should be performed by a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon.

b)    During the Breast Reduction Surgery

When the breast reduction procedure day comes, the patient goes to the hospital or the surgical facility. The operation starts with anesthesia. After the patient goes to sleep, the doctor conducts the incision. Once the incision is made, the plastic surgeon removes excess breast tissue and repositions the breasts.

c)     After the Breast Reduction Surgery

After the breast reduction surgery is completed, the patient will be wrapped with dressings or bandages on her incisions. Support bras, surgical bras, or elastic bandages are mostly preferred because they decrease the risk of swelling, and help breasts to heal quicker over time.