Aesthetic Surgery

Leg Aesthetic

Leg aesthetic is essential procedures in terms of both health and aesthetic appearance. There is more than one aesthetic operation method applied to the leg area. These procedures, which differ according to the leg structure, allow you to have more beautiful and shaped legs. Leg aesthetic surgery can be applied to both thin and thick legs. At the same time, there are various aesthetic procedures used for the kneecap.

What Is Leg Aesthetic?

Leg aesthetic procedure is applied for you to have both more beautiful and more shaped legs. It is possible to give the legs a thinner appearance by removing the excess fat tissues formed in the leg part. At the same time, fat tissues can be added to skinny disproportionate legs. Thanks to this procedure, the legs will look more shaped.

Leg aesthetic is one of the aesthetic interventions applied to both young and older individuals. The leg area is one of the most conspicuous parts of our body. Irregularities in the leg area can also cause some health problems in the future. Therefore, it would be the right step to benefit from such procedures for aesthetic concerns and health.

These procedures apply to the leg area cover thin and thick legs. At the same time, deformations in the ankles and knees are also eliminated by such processes. Leg aesthetic treatment can be applied to healthy individuals over 18.

How is Leg Aesthetic Applied?

Leg aesthetic is a surgical procedure performed using two different methods. In this procedure, general anesthesia is generally preferred. First, the excess fat tissues in the leg area are removed. Fat tissues taken with the liposuction method can be injected into the needed space.

In this procedure, only excess fat tissue can be removed. Likewise, injecting fat into thin and disproportionate areas is an aesthetic procedure in itself. If there is not much fat tissue in the leg part, fat tissue can be taken from the hip or butt area.

For knee cap aesthetics, fat tissue can be taken from the knee or thigh areas. These procedures should be applied for the knee to have a more aesthetic appearance and health. The recovery period for leg aesthetic treatment is also not very long. In this process, you must follow the advice given by your doctor.

Leg Aesthetic with Medousa Clinique

Leg aesthetics in Turkey options are quality options accepted by all countries worldwide. Turkey consistently ranks first in hair transplant and aesthetic surgery procedures. Clinics in Turkey are generally clinics with superior service quality. You can also evaluate the leg aesthetic in Istanbul options if you wish. In this process, you can look at Medousa Clinique’s services.

At Medousa Clinique, we always offer you quality health services. While you are being treated in our clinic, you will also have the chance to visit Istanbul. We create both travel and activity plans for you to make your treatment more enjoyable.

Who Is Leg Aesthetic Suitable For?

Leg aesthetic is recommended for people who are 18 years old and have completed their physical development. Of course, the primary criterion is that the people who will benefit from all these procedures are healthy. In our clinic, we first apply medical tests to all our candidates. If the results of these tests are positive, we start the procedure.

The aesthetic procedure is recommended for people with deformities in the leg area. People with thick and fragile leg structures can benefit from this aesthetic procedure.

Who is not suitable for Leg Aesthetic?

Such aesthetic procedures should not be applied to persons under 18. For such aesthetic operations, the person is expected to have completed their physical and mental development. At the same time, people with chronic diseases are not suitable candidates for such aesthetic procedures. In particular, these operations should not be applied to patients with blood pressure, heart, and diabetes.

In addition to all these, smokers are not considered suitable candidates for aesthetic operations. This situation is because smoking increases the risk of complications after surgery. That’s why we advise our patients to quit smoking before surgery.

Things to Know About Leg Aesthetic

Leg aesthetic cost is one of the most curious subjects in such aesthetic procedures. It would help if you avoided clinics that offer you sub-market prices for such treatments. It is recommended that you try not to compromise on the quality of plastic surgery. Aesthetic procedures are never reversible. Unfair treatment can put your health at significant risk.

Leg aesthetic before and after the process is one of the most curious subjects. You may need to stay in the clinic for one day after the surgery. However, our patients can usually return to their homes on the same day. It is also possible to encounter swelling, bruising, and edema after the surgery. Your specialist will give you some medicines. If you use these drugs, your bump will disappear after a few weeks.

After the operation, you must use a unique corset and compression stockings for two weeks. At the same time, it is also recommended not to do sports for three months. You will start to see the benefits of the operation after only a few months. After approximately 1-2 months, you will feel completely healed.