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Brazilian Butt Lift | BBL

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations of the last period. This method is preferred to have a more curved and shaped body. This procedure, applied to add folds to the butt and hip area, is permanent. Brazilian butt lift surgery is one of the aesthetic procedures used for young and old individuals. You can also opt for such operations to have a more shaped and feminine body.

What Is Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift is one of the most effective body shaping methods applied to the waist, butt, and hip area. Thanks to this procedure, especially the butt and hip areas are folded. Those who want to have more feminine body lines can prefer this procedure.

The Brazilian butt lift is an aesthetic trend that has become the fashion of the last period. This procedure, generally preferred by young people, can also be applied to more adult individuals. Especially people who have lost their body curves will be able to have a more curved body thanks to this procedure.

BBL surgery has a significant place in aesthetic surgery. This two-stage procedure is one of both fat removal and body shaping procedures. With this aesthetic operation, which serves today’s perception of beauty, it will be possible for you to feel more feminine. You can also benefit from this procedure through our clinic.

How is Brazilian Butt Lift Applied?

Brazilian butt lift is a surgical operation performed under general or local anesthesia. The most crucial detail about this procedure is that the process has two stages. First, liposuction is performed on the patient’s problem areas. This procedure is performed with local or general anesthesia. Generally, the fat taken from the waist and hip area will also help the body look more fit.

The BBL procedure is also applied to excessively oily and sagging areas. Fat tissues taken from these areas are then used to add fullness in the second stage. In the second stage, the filling can be applied to the butt area. It is essential to apply this procedure, especially in disproportionate buttocks. In this way, your body will become more shaped and curved.

Brazilian butt lift is performed by injecting fat from the waist and hip area into the required areas. In this way, it is also possible to have a more lifted and fuller butt. You may need to stay in the hospital setting for 1 – 2 days after the surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift with Medousa Clinique

Brazilian butt lift in Turkey options is always in the first place compared to other countries. Turkey is highly developed in terms of aesthetic procedures. Naturally, Turkey comes to mind first when it comes to health tourism. You can also choose to evaluate a Brazilian butt lift in Istanbul options.

At Medousa Clinique, we always offer you quality health services. Some specialist plastic surgeons have been serving in this field for many years in our clinic. Moreover, we help you have a pleasant time while being treated in our clinic. We create enjoyable trip and activity plans for all our patients in the treatment process. In this way, you will have the chance to visit Istanbul while you receive your treatment.

Who Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Suitable For?

The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure often recommended for teenagers. But healthy older people can also benefit from such aesthetic procedures. This procedure has an age limit, as in every aesthetic operation. If you are over the age of 18, you are also a candidate for this procedure.

Before such aesthetic operations, we perform some medical tests for our patients in our clinic. If the test results are positive, we start the procedure.

Who is not suitable for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift treatment is not a suitable procedure for individuals under 18. People must have completed both their physical and mental development for such aesthetic operations. Likewise, people suffering from some chronic diseases are not suitable for this operation. In particular, such aesthetic procedures are not applied to patients with heart, blood pressure, and diabetes. Since general anesthesia is given during the process, the patient is expected to be healthy.

It is not possible to apply such procedures to smokers. Smoking increases the risk of infection after surgery. That is why it is recommended to stop smoking before the procedure.

Things to Know About Brazilian Butt Lift

There are a few details to know about the Brazilian butt lift effect. The first of these is the cost of this aesthetic operation. As in every aesthetic process, you should avoid clinics that offer low prices for this procedure. It is recommended that you never compromise on quality when it comes to health.

The healing process of the Brazilian butt lift procedure is also among the details that should be known. Accordingly, you may need to stay in the clinic for a few days after the surgery. At the same time, you should pay attention to using special pillows and corsets for an average of one month. A few weeks after the aesthetic operation, improvement will be seen. It may take several months to heal and fully know the procedure’s effects.

After the operation, you should try to take care of everything your doctor advises you. Otherwise, you may get an infection or prolong the healing process. If you are not careful, you may lose the effects of the procedure.