Aesthetic Surgery

Under Eye Filler

Having an under eye filler is one of the most preferable cosmetic procedures that people consider while they are aging.  Besides the effects of aging on one’s body, her or his face may show the effects of aging clearly, and she or he may not enjoy it. That is the reason why cosmetic procedures are known as solutions to the effects of aging.

What is Under Eye Filler?

Under eye filler is a cosmetic procedure that is not listed as a surgical procedure. This procedure is also known as soft tissue filler or dermal filler. In this procedure, what experts use is hyaluronic acid injection. Hyaluronic acid fillers can make the appearance of discolored or sunken under eye areas look better and healthier.

Although derma filler is meant to use for lips, cheeks, or hands, it is also known that dermatologists take the risk of using dermal filler for under the eyes as an under eye filler. The reason why dermatologists are willing to use dermal fillers is that dermal fillers have the ability to reverse dark color shades under the eyes and decrease the size of bags.

What are the Benefits of Under Eye Filler?

Besides giving people the confidence that they need while aging, having under eye filler has many other benefits. Here are some of the benefits of soft tissue fillers.

  • It is not a surgical operation. One does not have to be hospitalized to have soft tissue fillers.
  • Before injections, some numbing cream is being used on the related area. One does not have to be anesthetized.
  • Having under eye filler for dark circles is highly to be successful. The procedure can make under eye areas brighter and lighter.
  • Having under eye fillers is also beneficial for eye bags. It supports the volume loss and makes one look healthier and less tired.
  • The results of the procedure can be seen immediately. One does not have to wait to see the results.
  • Having under eye filler for wrinkles can also be worth doing. It fills the unwanted wrinkles and supports younger, healthier, and less tired skin.

How is Under Eye Filler Done?

There is no doubt that under eye filler injections, which are used to help eye hollows disappear, must be applied by certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons. There are three steps of this procedure, which are before, during, and after.

1-    Before the Under Eye Filler Procedure

The first thing one should do is to decide to have an under eye filler. The procedure should be taken place in a medically reviewed Clinique by professionals. As most doctors agree, a doctor says that you can take vitamin E and fish oil before the procedure.

2-    During the Under Eye Filler Procedure

Before the cosmetic procedure starts, the doctor asks the patient if she or he wants to put some eye cream that numbs the tear trough and other related areas. The cream numbs the areas within minutes. And then, the doctor injects hyaluronic acid. The under eye filler ends in a few short minutes.

3-    After the Under Eye Filler Procedure

After having the under eye filler treatment, the patient can directly resume her daily life. However, it is important to avoid heavy physical activity. The patient can experience mild bruising and swelling, yet, it will go away within two days.

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Who Can Have Under Eye Filler Done?

To be able to have an under eye filler did, one has to be 22 years old or older. There is a restriction of FDA which does not allow anybody who is younger than 22 years old to have an under eye filler for any reason.

Who Should Not Have Under Eye Filler Done?

As many operations have even how small they are, having an under eye filler done has its risks. In the worst-case scenario, a patient may suffer from additional swelling for some time. In this case, the patient may have an unwanted facial filler shape.

How Long Does Under Eye Filler Last?

It is also important that how long results last when it comes to having an under eye filler done. Mostly the results can be seen from nine months to a year. Also, some patients have the results of filling longer periods, even up to three years.