Aesthetic Surgery

Fat Injection

The fat injection has been among the popular applications in recent years. It is a method used in various parts of the body. You can benefit from this application for health and beauty purposes. Vacuums used in liposuction allow removing fat from many parts of the body. These fats are necessary for various aesthetic surgeries. Everyone’s own body fat is used in fillings to be made for aesthetic purposes.

The success of the fat injection application depends on the quality of the fat cells. As long as the cells continue to live, the filling effect continues. But if these cells die, this effect begins to disappear. If the stem cells in the fat are injected properly after purification, a lasting effect is achieved to a large extent. Clinic selection is important for the best results.

What is Fat Injection?

The fat injection name looks quite interesting. So what does it mean? Fat injection is the transfer of fat cells taken from one place to another. This application is a kind of fat transfer. These fats taken from the areas where the fat ratio is high in the body are given to another part that needs fat. Fats are more in the abdominal region. That’s why abdomen fat is often used.

After the oil is removed, it is injected into areas such as the face, lips, cheeks, breasts, buttocks, under the eyes, and forehead. Fat injection is made in aesthetic surgeries such as removing wrinkles, adding fullness to lips and cheeks, correcting sagging under the eyes. There are no incisions or stitches in this application. Post-operative edema heals in a short time.

Fat Injection Breast

Today, the demand for breast augmentation is increasing. It is very popular in aesthetic surgeries. Fat injection is preferred because it is a more natural method than other breast surgeries. Instead of a foreign object such as a prosthesis to the body, putting own tissues gives confidence.

The excess fat in the body is actually like a miracle. Using them in the right way and place produces great results. Body fat and the stem cells in them are ideal fillers. It is very successful in giving volume to an area. It is a good alternative to silicone breast prostheses.

This surgery is suitable for women with small breasts and no sagging problems. However, patients must have adequate fat content. Patients who meet all the conditions can have surgery. Thus, you can get rid of excess fat and have larger breasts. We invite you to Medousa Clinique for information and breast fat injection price.

Fat Injection Face

With a fat injection, you can have a fuller and more beautiful face. This process is very effective for removing volume loss on your face. The defects on the face are corrected with this method. It is possible with facial fat filling to thicken the lips, remove wrinkles, close the forehead collapse, enlarge the chin, define the cheekbones, and eliminate sagging under the eyes.

You can look younger with facial fillers. While stretching is performed in the Botox process, a smooth appearance is aimed by filling the wrinkles here. It is generally preferred by those over 30 years old. Fat transfer to the face is a natural and effective method.

Fat Injection  with Medousa Clinique

Fat injection can be performed under local and general anesthesia in Medousa Clinique. The duration of the operation varies according to the area to be treated and the degree of difficulty of the operation. Before surgery, patients should share all their expectations with doctors. All post-operative information will be provided by our specialists. We care about patient expectations and satisfaction.

Fat injection is applied in the most accurately in our clinic. First of all, stem cells are separated and the fat is taken to another injector. It is transferred to the other region in its purest and highest quality form. Keeping the cells alive ensures that the fat doesn’t melt. In this way, more permanent results are aimed. If you want to take advantage of this application, you are welcome to our clinic for examination and detailed information.

Fat Injections To Lose Weight

Fat injection alone isn’t enough to lose a lot of weight. However, it is used for body shaping instead of weight loss. Since excess fat is removed, you can have thinner and shaped lines. Even if you can’t see its effect very much on the scale, you will notice it in the mirror. Of course, the amount of fat loss can cause some weight loss. But instead of seeing it as a weight-loss method, you can take advantage of it for a more fitted look.

Fat Injections For Buttocks

Fat injection is a good method to correct the shape of the buttocks. Those who want to have more voluminous and larger buttocks may prefer fat injection. You can get very satisfactory results with this application. Fat fillers are used for aesthetic buttocks with more pleasing curves.

This method is more advantageous than prostheses. Because, while a certain area is intervened with prostheses, the entire hip can be intervened with fat injections. With a natural material, your hips will get the look of your dreams.

Apart from this, while incision scars are formed in prostheses, injection scars are almost non-existent. If you don’t want to have a foreign body in your body, you can achieve the desired result with your fats.