What is Intragastric Balloon?

Intragastric balloon placement is a weight-loss procedure that involves placing a saline-filled silicone balloon in patient’s stomach. This helps to lose weight by limiting how much he/she can eat and making the person feel fuller faster.

Who it’s for?

  • Body mass index (BMI) is between 30 and 40
  • Willing to commit to healthy lifestyle changes, get regular medical follow-up and participate in behavioral therapy
  • Have not had any previous stomach or esophageal surgery

How does it applied?

The intragastric balloon procedure is done in the endoscopy unit as an outpatient procedure. You’ll be sedated for the procedure.
During the procedure, the doctor advances a thin tube (catheter) loaded with the intragastric balloon down patient’s throat into his/her stomach. Next, the doctor advances an endoscope, flexible tube with a camera attached, down his/her throat into stomach. The camera allows doctor to see the balloon as he or she fills it with saline.

The procedure takes about a half-hour. Patient can normally go home one to two hours after the procedure is finished.

What happens after the procedure?

Pain and nausea affect about one-third of people soon after insertion of an intragastric balloon. However, these symptoms usually only last for a few days after balloon placement. These symptoms can usually be managed with oral medications at home.

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