What to expect from labiaplasty? Labiaplasty is the surgery done decrease the size of the inner labias. This surgery is done if the inner labias are big and causing problem to the woman. The enlargement of the labia minors are called labia minora hypertorphy. It may cause irritation, itching, increase vaginal discharge, pain during sexual intercourse. Big sizes of the inner labias may also cause lower self esteem. I met a lot of women saying that they always prefer having sex in the dark and they don’t let their partners to see their genitalias. Labia minora hypertrophy may also cause cosmetic problem to woman when they wear tight clothes or bikini. Women who decided to have labiaplasty should consider the recommendations written here before they decide where and whom to have the surgery with.

What to think about before you have a labiaplasty

Having a labiaplasty is a big decision that you should think about carefully. It can be expensive and carries a number of risks.

There’s also no guarantee you’ll get the result you expected, and it will not necessarily make you feel better about your body.

If you’re thinking about having a labiaplasty, discuss it with your GP first.

You may have a condition that’s causing discomfort, which can be treated. Or there may be a reason why the operation is not suitable for you.

Your GP may advise you to speak to a counsellor or psychologist before committing to surgery.

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